Our Mission

The Team Drea Foundation funds and supports bold, innovative research to find a cure or effective treatment for ALS. We see raising awareness about this devastating disease as an opportunity to inspire people to live bravely, love joyfully, and appreciate the gift of life.

Our Founder

Andrea Lytle Peet was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 at the age of 33, less than a year after completing 5 triathlons, including a 70.3-mile half Ironman.

Remarkably, she has continued to participate in races. Since diagnosis, she has completed 3 triathlons, 4 half marathons, and 3 marathons. Her goal for 2016 is to do 12 races on her recumbent trike, each in honor of someone with ALS who has inspired her.
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Recent Blog Posts

Grieving in Shifts

I can now definitively tell you that it is possible to collect some of your happiest and saddest memories on the same day. A week ago Sunday, I completed the RDC Marathon, rounding out the 35.5-mile Challenge for the weekend (5k + 10k + marathon). I gave out “thank yous” and smiles and hugs all...

Rex Wellness Garner Race Report

Driving home on Sunday after the Rex Wellness Sprint Tri in Garner, I found myself locked in a bizarre sort of mental argument:   “Should I just give up on doing triathlons?” “Should I do MORE triathlons?”   The first question made tears prick behind my eyes, but replaying scenes of police officers and volunteers...

Scene at the Fifteen

  [caption id="attachment_2780" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Class of 2003 at our 15th Reunion[/caption] When we arrived on campus for my 15th class reunion, I felt no tugging pangs of nostalgia. Maybe it was all the new buildings and renovations, or the fact that we were running late so maybe it felt a bit too uncomfortably like...

Papayas, A Whale & Lavaman Triathlon 2018

Jen is a Team Drea member who has taken our challenge to "Go on, be brave" to heart. I know you will enjoy reading about her amazing experience! The Island of Hawaii will always capture my heart. There is a majestic lure that attracts my attention every time I return to the mainland. It pulls...

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